Sedgefield has taken steps to provide great services while being a responsible steward of our environment. We are members of GREEN PLANTS FOR GREEN BUILDINGS. The plants we install are able to provide a healthier work environment by removing VOCs  (volatile organic compounds) from indoor spaces. Our GREEN INITIATIVE includes the following:

  • T5 Energy Efficient Lighting for Our Facility
  • Faux Spanish Moss from Recycled Paper By-Product
  • Recycle Grow Pots, Decorative Containers, and Plants
  • Maintenance Routes are Logistically Efficient
  • IPM and Non-Chemical Insect Control
  • Paper Shredding and Recycling of Old Documents
  • Electrostatic Sprayers
  • Computerized Inventories
  • Computer Generated Designs
  • Atlanta (770) 984-0171
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