Holiday Decor

Over 10 years ago, our clients came to us and asked us to incorporate some major changes to our holiday program to help them WOW their tenants, employees, and customers.

They did not want to own the decor, spend design dollars for storage, get stuck with the same product year in and year out, or have to worry whether the lights would work or not.  That was the birth of our Award Winning “Custom Holiday Decorations Program.”  Want to change your color scheme every year ? Want to add or delete products every year depending on your budget ?  That’s all part of our lease program. Here’s what we offer:

  • Custom Designer Lit Trees
  • Decorative Wreaths
  • Custom Sconces
  • Handmade Topiaries
  • High End Lit and Unlit Garlands
  • A Vast Array of Custom Wired Ribbons
  • Colorful Banners
  • Matching Display of Gift Boxes
  • Custom Silk Poinsettias
  • Live Poinsettias
  • Atlanta (770) 984-0171
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