You Should Expect Superior Service From Us

Quality Expectations

We have a performance management system that evaluates and monitors performance on a monthly and yearly basis; therefore holding all associates accountable to their position and rewarding associates accordingly.  Sedgefield’s own Quality Control Evaluation form is filled out each time a manager visits an account to provide feedback and ensure expectations are met.

Management, Customer Service Representatives, Sales Associates, and Installation personnel all continually monitor quality on each account to assure standards are upheld and the customer is satisfied with the service.  Sedgefield strives to be a customer-driven organization that provides high quality products and outstanding services that are second to none.

Horticultural Staff and Training

We take great efforts to assure we are sending the best-qualified technicians into each of our Client’s locations.  Sedgefield’s screening, interviewing and selection process is extensive and includes a background check, driver’s license check, and drug testing for all associates.

Sedgefield has developed its own extensive 8-12 week Training Program that all personnel must successfully complete. This includes a training manual, classroom instruction, videotapes, testing, and on-the-job training. Consistent follow up continues at regular intervals along with monthly action planning and yearly reviews with each associate for training and our continuous quality improvement program.

Plant Replacement Guarantee

Sedgefield replaces at our expense any plant that deteriorates in health or appearance.  We expect our staff to request replacements before our clients notice any problems with their plants. All plant replacements are made with the same species, size and grade plant as was in place at the beginning of service period; or, with another plant of comparable value which is acceptable to the client.

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